Männich Industrievertretungen GmbH

Männich Industrievertretungen GmbH

Business Description:

Sport Products, Motor, Steering & Transmission Parts, Gears, Relays, Semiconductors, Sensors, Car Repair Services, Electric engines, Adhesive tapes

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Männich Industrievertretungen GmbH





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Männich Industrievertretungen GmbH
Ludwigstrasse 33
D-8 65


Asynchronous motors

Production: asynchronous motors Asynchronous motors of MAK series are for different types of drive, particularly for demanding applications in a metallurgical industry. Asynchronous motors are powered from the network and also from frequency converters Asynchronous motors with IP54, IP55, IP66 protection.

Double-sided adhesive tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes are used, for example, in laying of floor coverings, sticking of carpets and strips, sticking foils on plasterboards and the like. We distinguish two-sided adhesive tapes - foil, textile, foam and carrier-free.

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